What I'm known for

Two specialties at Styled by Sigurdson are "Balayage" or "sweeping" like the rings around the moon, and "Ombré," which is translated "shadow."
After months of practice, we have perfected these modern techniques which, in the wrong hands can go terribly wrong!
My third specialty is corrective color.


Balayage creates the amazing color effect that is stunning! It's a naturally, sun-kissed look created by sweeping , or balayage with light strokes. The effect is one that is natural.


Ombré is French for shadow. This technique creates a more dramatic look, a bold transition from top to bottom, but seamless.

Both styles involve a transitioning between three colors (primary, secondary, and tertiary), but in two different ways.


For the Gentleman (I would never forget you!)

My training was comprehensive. Yes, I most often deal with blow outs, color treatments, and everything in the ladies’ world, but I’m also schooled in barbering. That’s right. A fine men’s haircut is more than running a clipper over your head with the correct attachment! Old-school barbering techniques are the necessary foundation for a stunning, modern gentleman’s cut.
In addition to clipper cutting, I also use these techniques to create a cut to make you stand out in a crowd:

  • Free hand clipper – for a blunt, sculpted finish.
  • Scissor cutting – a blunt, even finish.
  • Scissor over comb – this traditional barbering technique allows for great flexibility in cut, length, and finish.
  • Razor cutting – creates texture, removes bulk, and gives a variety of finish options.
  • Razor over comb – a layered, uneven finish.

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